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Tiras de sellado de goma para bordes de coche, sellador de parabrisas de techo automático, Tira protectora, sellos de ventana, a

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Tiras de sellado de goma para bordes de coche, sellador de parabrisas de techo automático, Tira protectora, sellos de ventana, a
Color: Rojo
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Puntos destacados:

1、Keep the Vehicle Clean: The strip can reduce the transmission of road tire noise and wind noise to the vehicle, improve driving comfort, avoid the infiltration of dust and rain, and keep the vehicle gaps clean and easier to clean.
2、Prevent Water Leakage: It can protect the roof from water leakage and prevent dust. Make the front windshield stable, high temperature resistant and durable. Make the vehicle more airtight, more quiet and comfortable inside.
3、T-shaped Design: The car windshield sealing strip adopts a T-shaped design, and a reasonable T-shaped design can better fit the gap of your car. Mainly used to seal the gap frame between doors, hoods, trunks, windows and doors.
4、High-Quality Material: The car front windshield strip is made of EPDM rubber material, which has good elasticity and toughness, easy to fold and bend, safe and non-toxic, durable and strong, not easy to deform, and has good sealing effects, such as waterproof, dustproof and windproof function and sound insulation , which can serve you for long time.
5、Convenient Installation: The door sealing strip is designed with double-sided tape, which has good adhesion and can be directly attached to the car without spending too much time. The method of use is simple. The double-sided tape is soft and flexible, and will not damage your car paint.

Name: T-shaped Sealing Strip
Size: about 14mm/0.55in
Installation position: between the car body
Installation method: paste type

1. Use a mild detergent to clean the dirt, dust and grime on the door frame.
2. Tear one end of the sealing strip to the protective film attached to the door frame, determine the position, and then press the clamp according to the installation line of the protective film at the same time to ensure the installation of the sealing strip.
3. It is forbidden to pull the sealing strip by hand after pasting, and it is forbidden to wash with water within 24 hours. Try not to open and close the door repeatedly.

Packing List:
Or 1*14mm Car T-shaped Sealing Strip (2M)


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